Enjoyment and Relaxation

Sky Deck

The Sky Deck is at the top level of the center pier that extends outwards towards the runway, with a 300-meter-long upper deck that is lined with wooden flooring.
Many people praise this deck for having the closest observation point to the airplanes in Japan. Airplanes can be watched from a 300 m distance from the farthest end of the Sky Deck to the runway, or as close as 50 m going from the runway to the taxiway.

On fair-weather days, the opposing shoreline of Mie prefecture can be seen, as well as ships sailing to and from the Nagoya Port. At dusk, you can also enjoy watching the sunset beyond the Ise Bay and the airplanes taking off and landing... a sight that can be seen only at Central Japan International Airport.
The aeronautical ground lights studding the runway at night create an air of fantasy. Whatever the time of day or situation, you'll certainly enjoy the Sky Deck.

・Use of the Sky Deck may be restricted due to high winds or bad weather. We ask for your understanding.
Hours of operation
7:00 - 22:30

Sky Town (4F)

Bathhouse with a View: "Hu No Yu"

The first of its kind in Japan, travelers can relax and enjoy a relaxing soak in this bathhouse, which offers a view of the airplanes and the sunset beyond the Ise Bay.
Towels are available, and you can leave your luggage with us... perfect for visitors who are on a trip as well. The bathhouse is open early, for travelers whose flights arrive early at the airport.

You can watch the departing airplanes, and take advantage of the hospitality to soothe your fatigue. This is a place to truly relish a fine moment while viewing the airplanes and watching the sun as it sets.

・Due to regular maintenance on the third Wednesday of each month, the bathhouse is open until 18:00 on these days. (Final admittance: 17:00)
・The bathhouse is closed on the third Wednesday of November.
Hours of operation
8:00 - 22:00 (Final admittance: 21:00)
TEL: +81-569-38-7070

Sky Town (4F)

Massage Chairs

Feel free to use the massage chairs that are located in the domestic and international boarding waiting areas. Enjoy a moment to loosen up your tired muscles before boarding!

200 yen/10 min. (tax included)

Departures Lobby (3F)

(international/domestic flight restricted areas)

Chubu Bushokan Samurai Lab.

Based on the theme of "Central Japan samurai tourism", this facility is a must-see for those who like all things samurai, including a permanent exhibit of armor and folding screens; an area where you can have your photo taken wearing samurai armor; and a historical library that you can peruse free of charge.

Hours of operation
10:00 - 17:00

Welcome Garden (1F)

Orale/Tokoname Tourist Information Counter

Enjoy the boat races of Japan, including the Tokoname Boat Race. The boat ticket sales counter is the first small off-site ticket counter within an airport in Japan that offers tickets to see public spectator events.

This counter also introduces visitors to places to see in Tokoname, the city of pottery, such as the "Yakimono Sanpo-Michi" (Pottery Walking Road) and "To-no-Mori" (Forest of Ceramics), as well as the "Golden Toilet" that was much talked about at the Shanghai Expo.

*In Spanish, the word "Orale" means "listen up, [let's go!]" or "Yes! [We're outta here!]", and is often used to call out to each other when doing something fun together. This is a small off-site ticket counter that uses open retail space and public facilities.

Hours of operation
7:30 - 21:00

Access Plaza

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